1. Childish Gambino - Sweatpants [Music Video]

    Childish Gambino released trippy visuals for his track Sweatpants. The video was pretty weird at first, but then I realized I could never have enough Gambino. A world with extra Gambino would just be a better place to live in. Stay tuned until the end to hear his track Urns.

    Source: Afropunk




  2. Lenard - Ghost feat. Mark Pheonix {Prod. Aric Ogle} [MP3]

    Lenard is yet another rapper keeping up Mark’s collab problem, giving us fine poetry with an uncouth flow over a smooth beat that’d complement a rainy day finely [IMO]. It’s worth an ear.




  3. Android Wear [Video]

    I haven’t posted anything techy for a while (or anything at all), so I think Google’s announcement of Android for wearable devices is a nice start.

    The two watches in the vid are from Motorola (the round one) and LG (the square one).

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  4. k1ttygang:


    Mark Pheonix - Frontin’ On

    It’s not usually the case that the video for a song comes out nearly two years later, but somehow Mark Pheonix has achieved that goal with a video that somewhat comments on that oddity.

    The music video, dealing with time travel and a blast of 90’s nostalgia is genuinely fun and like the song doesn’t take itself too seriously.

    Check out Pheonix Phrenzy and be on the lookout for some DLC.

    If the timing of this video was done on purpose, then kudos Mark Pheonix, you somehow figured out time travel.

    Download the MP3 here: https://soundcloud.com/mark-pheonix/frontin-on-prod-by-harald/download

    Get Pheonix Phrenzy here: http://blog.acrylicstyle.com/2012/02/mark-pheonix-pheonix-phrenzy-mixtape.html

  5. Cornelia $t. Lemz - .​.​.​Crossing The Street [Album]

    Cornelia $t. Lemz finally released his second project sporting this sort of mix between dark and cool New York sound (I don’t think I know how to describe this).

    It features production from Manny Sachem, CS Lemz, Mr. 523, Ford4D and Acrylic Style’s own Dwizzy Bodega (which is interesting since I produced a track on Lemz’s first project and this was all completely unplanned), it also sports verses from Drastik Measurez, VaToRe, Vertigo the Fly Writer and Budah keeping the guest list short (which is good because these four do their thing).

    A song I’d recommend listening to is “Tapioca Mimosas” featuring Vertigo the Fly Writer and Budah, produced by Manny Sachem everyone does their thing on it.

    …Crossing The Street by Cornelia . Lemz
    Recorded & Mixed by Ford4D (except tracks 3, 12, 13, & 15).
    Track 3 recorded and mixed by Mr. 523.
    Cover by Cornelia $t. Lemz & Ford4D
    Sequenced by Cornelia $t. Lemz & Ford4D
    Executive Produced by Manny Sachem & Ford4D.—-



  6. Kelly Grinz - Pay Dues (Don’t Funk Up Our Beats 6 Submission) {Prod. Rikio} [Music Video]

    Audio mixing and mastering by Kelly Grinz
    Video editing by Kelly Grinz
    Filming by Real Kills Fake
    Directed by Kelly Grinz

    And here we have Kelly Grinz’s “Don’t Funk Up Our Beats 6" contest submission. —-



  7. SCRiBE The Verbalist - WiNGS [Album]

    Bronx/Seattle flow wizard SCRiBE The Verbalist dropped this lovely work of art late last year, November to be exact, I’m just forever in the late party.

    It features only Budah and Soulebrity on vocals, and sports production GOODMAN, Ezhen Nikko, Manny Sachem, Sendai Mike, Jay of VSEnt., Gradis Nice, bugseed, Azael Beats, Chief Buddha and StatZ.
    I’m fairly certain that SCRiBE could’ve done this by himself acapella, so it’s well worth a listen to hear the chemistry, if not for SCRiBE’s lyrical talent alone.

    Pretty much I’m a man of little words when it comes to describing art I like, but peep “Plane to Japan" and "Faith! (Live from NYC w/ DJ Ford4D)" (I might’ve been at that live show, not sure).

    WiNGS by SCRiBE The Verbalist
    All lyrics written by SCRiBE The Verbalist.
    Recorded by SCRiBE (1, 2, 6-11, 13-15) & Ford4D (3-5, 12).
    Mixed by Ford4D (except 2 mixed by SCRiBE).
    Mastered by Ford4D for The 4DFoundation.




  8. Curbside Jones - “Pink”- The Animated Music Video [KickStarter]

    Curbside has already gotten the funding he needs but there’s still 23 days to go and bunch of cool stuff to get out of backing so I say go for it.

    (Source: CurbsideJones.com)—-



  9. Green Street - Fresh Heir feat. ScienZe

    Brooklyn hip-hop group Green Street released the third single from their upcoming album The Will To Win. In the video the guys take you around New York City (We see you Lower East Side!) while reciting verses with Brooklyn rapper and producer ScienZe. As with all of their songs, ‘Fresh Heir’ comes straight from the heart with the guys reflecting on their lives just months after nearly losing two of their members to illnesses. The jazz influenced production only aides to the storytelling. This song is for anyone who craves meaningful bars over a smooth jazzy beat, anyone who misses old school hip-hop like De La Soul or A Tribe Called Quest, or anyone who has ever struggled with the fragility of life. These guys bring true soul to hip-hop, which can be a rare thing to feel these days. To hear more from Green Street, stay on the lookout for The Will To Win which is set to drop later this month. You can also pre-order the album here.—-



  10. Manny Sachem - Touch The Ground {Prod. Manny Sachem} [MP3]

    Manny has this thing for singing now, which honestly is addictive to listen to for some reason. Also he still kills it in lyrics, flow and beats, don’t take him lightly.