1. Elliott Johnson - I Wish I Never Met Her (Cover) [Video]

    Elliott singing "I wish" by Carl Thomas, requested by Lucid00.—-



  2. Mark Pheonix on Twitch [Live Stream]

    Watch live video from Markpheonix on www.twitch.tv

    I know I know, I should be posting all sorts of works from artists and other people that have emailed me (I’ve been busy, I’ve now free time) so to get into the groove of posting again I’m starting with this.

    At the time of me writing this he’s playing Destiny on PlayStation 4, the embedded stream above should auto update to whatever he’s playing in the future so this’ll change as it goes.—-



  3. Lucid00 - Slutmode! [Track]

    Lucid00 rapping over Big L’s “Platinum Plus” at the request of Danny C. (whoever that is).—-



  4. Mark Pheonix takes the ALS ice bucket challenge [Video]

    Post by Mark GaryOak Pheonix.
    He was actually challenged twice so now he has to go into a meat locker in Alaska and pour ice water on himself, while drinking ice water, while wearing nothing, in the winter or donate $1,000 (this isn’t real, please don’t do this).

    Mark challenged me, but I think I’ll just be boring and donate (might do it later, not sure yet).

    Donate here—-



  5. Steve G Lover III - High Art [Mixtape]

    A little late for posting this but if you haven’t downloaded this already, you should now. I first heard Steve G Lover on Royalty and this mixtape does not let down at all. Literally every song is a great listen and that is hard to find these days. High Art has an awesome production list, with at least four tracks by Chemist, so you can’t go wrong there. —-



  6. Chox-Mak Feat. DJ YRS Jerzy - Dopamine [Track]

    I love this song! It has a killer beat and Chox-Mak has crazy skills. I only wish the song was longer. These guys are always busy putting out tracks together and I think they make an awesome team. You can keep updated with them here.




  7. Frozen GTA Mod [Video]

    First Thirty Minutes channel posted this and I had to share it! You can get the mod here.—-



  8. And-Y - Real {Prod. Lucid00} [Music Video]

    Directed/Edited- Ande Emilio @kidhypheny BlueL

    Shot by- Dashing Randy Singleton/Moses Acosta

    lighting- @ford4d

    Music Production - @lucid00

    Engineered by - @ford4d









    Jasmine isabel.

    And-Y released a music video to the song “Real" off of "Young Urban Psychopath”.


    (Source: @KidHyphenY on Twitter)—-



  9. Rich-P - Vicarious [Music Video]

    Directed by Andy “blueL” Emilio

    Rich-P dropped his first track of this year, coming with everything you’d expect from Rich-P, bars, flow, etc, etc… and the vid features a little bit of cinematography to boot.

    (Source: FreeOnSmash.com)—-



  10. Lucid00 - Luck of Lucien Freestyle [Track]

    Lucid00 kicking a smooth flow over an ATCQ instrumental at the request of Gaia.—-