1. Microsoft announces Windows 10 [Video]

    Microsoft skipped the number 9 because they felt like it.
    Windows 10 is this dope new thing where Microsoft basically takes everything from Windows 8/8.1 and crams it into the Windows 7 desktop.

    Notes: * The old Start menu is back, now sporting the Live Tiles from Windows 8, Windows Phone and Xbox.
    * Windows Store apps can now be run without needing to be fullscreen.
    * Microsoft is pushing this “One Windows" thing which means Windows 10 for phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, Xbox One and other devices (aka buy an app once and run it on all of these).
    * And something I’ve noticed, in Microsoft’s presentation you can see the Instagram for Windows Phone icon which might mean that Windows 10 is backwards compatible with not just Windows 8 apps but also Windows Phone apps.

    (Source: Blogs.Windows.com)—-



  2. Denzil Porter - Grindin (Freestyle) [Track]

    Denzil Porter going off on the Lil Wayne and Drake track.




  3. Outlaw - RapSlow (Prod. Big Makk) [Music Video]

    Directed by Eli.

    Outlaw does not one bit of slow rapping in this song, SMH.

    (Source: AllUnsigned.com)—-



  4. Curbside Jones - Pink: The Animation [Trailer]

    Curbside Jones should finally be releasing the animated video to his song “Pink”, following his successful KickStarter campaign soon. For now, peep the vid above.

    (Source: PinkAnimation.com)—-



  5. Pharrell Williams - It Girl [Music Video]

    Producer Takashi Murakami
    Director Mr. and Fantasista Utamaro
    Animation Production NAZ
    Production Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd

    Anime, 16-bit, otaku stuff everywhere!

    (Source: TheVerge.com)—-



  6. Elliott Johnson - I Wish I Never Met Her (Cover) [Video]

    Elliott singing "I wish" by Carl Thomas, requested by Lucid00.—-



  7. Mark Pheonix on Twitch [Live Stream]

    Watch live video from Markpheonix on www.twitch.tv

    I know I know, I should be posting all sorts of works from artists and other people that have emailed me (I’ve been busy, I’ve now free time) so to get into the groove of posting again I’m starting with this.

    At the time of me writing this he’s playing Destiny on PlayStation 4, the embedded stream above should auto update to whatever he’s playing in the future so this’ll change as it goes.—-



  8. Lucid00 - Slutmode! [Track]

    Lucid00 rapping over Big L’s “Platinum Plus” at the request of Danny C. (whoever that is).—-



  9. Mark Pheonix takes the ALS ice bucket challenge [Video]

    Post by Mark GaryOak Pheonix.
    He was actually challenged twice so now he has to go into a meat locker in Alaska and pour ice water on himself, while drinking ice water, while wearing nothing, in the winter or donate $1,000 (this isn’t real, please don’t do this).

    Mark challenged me, but I think I’ll just be boring and donate (might do it later, not sure yet).

    Donate here—-



  10. Steve G Lover III - High Art [Mixtape]

    A little late for posting this but if you haven’t downloaded this already, you should now. I first heard Steve G Lover on Royalty and this mixtape does not let down at all. Literally every song is a great listen and that is hard to find these days. High Art has an awesome production list, with at least four tracks by Chemist, so you can’t go wrong there. —-